Aleph Bet Curriculum (Grades K-2)

Adventure with Alef’s Hebrew alphabet program will bring an excitement and love of the Hebrew letters to our students, leaving them eager to learn more.

Within the beautiful illustrations are smart and relevant mnemonics that allows students to easily learn the Hebrew Alphabet and recall the Aleph Bet letters forever. After learning the new letter and scrapbooking, students move on to the read and write page, which is always combined with past letters.

Finally, a solution to getting students to review their work at home! The 5 star app will have students eager to practice the letters at home, whilst teachers can receive the student’s game results through the app to track their learning progress. 

Hebrew Reading Curriculum (Grades 1-8)

At Center for Jewish Life Arlington Belmont, we use the Cap It program to teach our students to read Hebrew. Cap It is a revolutionary and holistic approach to Hebrew reading. Our goal was to create a program that teaches kids and adults to read Hebrew quickly, accurately, and painlessly. It is fast, fun, and accurate.


CAP IT! is the first “do it yourself” Hebrew reading kit of its kind. Our Tactile Visual Mnemonics, easy to follow instructions, and full color workbook, make it easy for anyone to learn to read Hebrew.


The main uniqueness of the Cap It program is our Tactile Visual Mnemonics. The program provides unique visual mnemonics for every consonant and vowel in the Hebrew language. These visual aids help the student associate all the Hebrew characters with real-life images they actually hold in their hand, store in their visual memory, and later easily recall. Along with the toys, songs, and games, Cap It is not only effective, but also fun and exciting.