Review is integral to every successful reading program – as we all know, practice makes perfect. Our NEW Hebrew reading homework system makes homework doable and fun!





  1. At the end of your child's Aleph champ session(both virtual and in person) he/she will receive a page of homework to do.

  2. Type into your browser jewishab/ and click on your child's homework.

  3. Prepare a two minute timer.

  4. Call the Hebrew reading hotline and when prompted begin recording.

  5. An email of the recording will immediately be sent in for review.

  6. Students MUST complete their homework a minimum of 5 times before he/she can get tested and advance to the next level.


  1. Students choose from a a target/amazon gift card.... Each card has 8 circles for hole-punches.

  2. For each day your child completes his/her homework they are given one hole-punch in their rewards card. These “punches” are given by your child’s Aleph Champ teacher.

  3. Once all 8 circles are “punched”, the rewards card can be redeemed at the office for a $5 gift card to that store!


  1. Only one “punch” can be earned each day.

  2. A maximum of 3 “punches” can be earned in a single week.

  3. Only recordings left by Thursday night will be in that week’s count.

  4. Recordings should not be left during Shabbat and Jewish Holidays.

Click here to view your review sheets