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Purim Cocktail Masterclass

  • Haven’t had a night out in a good while? Join CJL for a fun and informative class in honor of the holiday of Purim!

    Then come and experience a Purim cocktail masterclass with a Senior Bartender from the American Bar at the world famous Savoy Hotel, winner of multiple awards including World’s Best Bar 2017 & 2018.

    Gain a unique insight into the methodology behind world class cocktails whilst enjoying the company of others and meeting new people! After an hour and half you will be able to appreciate the importance of Balance, Temperature and Dilution in your drinks having made 4 fantastic cocktails with your host whilst using Rum as our base.

    After working in one of the planets most successful bars, Cocktail Master Ferdia is eager to let guests enter the professional bartender's universe, giving them an immense immersion into the mindset, technique and the skill behind the craft. Grab the half bottle of rum in the back of the liquor cabinet and learn how to ace your Daiquiris and master your Mojitos.

    After taking this class you will have the confidence to go to your fridge, pantry, liquor cabinet or cupboard and produce amazing cocktails with your ingredients at hand without having to refer to the internet or a recipe book.

    Ingredient List:

    - Half a bottle of Rum (if in doubt go for a white rum, but anything will do!)
    - 6x Limes per person
    - Mint Leaves
    - Caster Sugar (Not powdered sugar, if in doubt use granulated white sugar)
    - Ginger Beer or Cola
    - A small touch of sparkling wine (about 2oz will be needed so perhaps get a small bottle)
    - A cocktail shaker or vessel/protein shaker
    - A mesh sieve (like a small flour sieve)
    - Loooooads of Ice cubes!!! (1kg perhaps)
    - A knife
    - A tablespoon
    - A Tall glass/Highball glass
    - A short glass/cocktail glass
    - Soda Water/Club Soda
    - Angostura Bitters (completely optional, no need to buy them if you don’t have already)
    - 3 Strawberries per guest
    - A muddler/rolling pin/wooden spoon

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