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This week only, join the Center for Jewish Life (CJL) campaign to raise $100,000! Hurry! It’s all or nothing!

We moved to Arlington almost five years ago with a dream to contribute to, and enhance, the Jewish communities of Arlington and Belmont. Since that time we, together with our amazing friends, have launched a blossoming Shul, Hebrew School, Bar-Bat Mitzvah Club, and many other fantastic programs. As a result, our current "home" has become too small to accommodate our growing community.

After many months of searching, we found the perfect home on Lake Street to serve both as CJL's and our personal residence. The funds raised during this week-long campaign will allow us to secure a permanent home for the CJL and our family. Time is of the essence as we are required to fully fund this project by the end of this month (March 31, 2017). Any amount that you can contribute will be of immense help to us. Please make the CJL's home your home with your kind contributions. All donations are tax deductible.

The Center for Jewish Life serves the Arlington and Belmont communities by providing opportunities to experience and study about our great Jewish heritage. Situated in the heart of Arlington, our numerous programs and activities provide the education and means to promote Jewish knowledge, awareness, and practice to experience our Jewish heritage connecting us to our past, present and future.


Rabbi Avi and Luna Bukiet 


To help us get to this point, generous donors have already contributed toward the purchase. However, their contributions are contingent on the last $100,000 being raised from other sources.  Thank you for your generous contribution!

  • Julius and Youngmei Perl $50,000
  • Steven and Deborah Kokinos 
  • Yossi and Michelle Zakon 
  • Martin and Susan Levitan $20,000
  • David and Michael Goldman $10,000
  • Tamara Joseph $10,000 
  • Moshe Shor $10,000 
  • Zalman and Mimi Fellig $7,700 
  • The Cherepov Family in loving memory of Mikhail $5,400 
  • Jeff and Terri Goldberg $5,000 
  • George Feltin $5,000 
  • Anonymous $5,000 
  • Sholom Gurowitz $1,800
  • Levi Gold $500
  • Jay Simkin 
  • Michael and Vicky Benedek 
  • Ira and Martha Deitsch $5,000
  • Eldar and Julia Giladi
  • Jacob and Ramteen Missaghi  
  • Lillian Friedman 
  • Edward and Angela Pinkus
  • Jason and Amy Garbis
  • Marcus and Bella Better
  • Michael and Lynn Garber
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Campaign Tracker
Yay! We've reached our goal
Goal:  $100,000


Campaign Tracker
Yay! We've reached our goal
Goal:  $100,000
We Thank Our Recent Partners
Daniel Weisman
Halana Espindula
For all you do. Rabbi Avi Bukiet and Luna Zakon.
Shmuel & Sara Kramer
We are proud to partner with Rabbi Avi & Luna in their fantastic work that they do. We wish them Bracha And Hatzlacha!
Jeffrey and Terri Goldberg
Yossi and Michelle Zakon